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About Us

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Aims and vision

The school's vision is to provide a secure and stimulating environment where children can develop and acquire the essntial concepts, knowledge and skills required to become independent, all at an affordable price.

  • At this nursery, we believe that play is educationally powerful which is combined with elements of the curriculum to create fun-filled developmental activities.
  • The school aims to treat each child as an individual, beginning with what the child already knows to give them the autonomy they need. That way, they can determine their own actions, behaviors and self-discipline.
  • The school aims to provide a warm, caring and relaxed atmosphere where parents/guardians are comfortable to express their influences on their child's initial experinces of life.
  • The school aims to provide a wealth of experiences in a holistic practical experiences as possible.


Activities & Curriculum

First Steps offers child-centered programs focusing on imaginative play, creativity, physical activity and experimental learning.

All our activities in the curriculum are nurturing and stimulating towards children with different social and cultural backgrounds.

We Offer



National British Curriculum


We constantly strive to provide the best possible pre-school and academy experience, which means that, we stay in tune with the students' development and abilities to learn.

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Tsiranana Road, P.O. Box 5703 Limbe, Malawi




+265 882 94 87 98


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